See What People Are Saying!

“I have been attending Nightclub Cardio with my 15 year old daughter and each week we look forward to our booty shakin’ time together! Her confidence level has been boosted and every week I see her come more into her own. The class has all kinds of body types and no one is ashamed or embarrassed. The freedom to be yourself in a non-judgmental setting (the dance floor) is so liberating to a fifteen year old or a forty year old!  Thank you for creating this class and for creating this experience for us-our relationship has grown so much during these last few months!”  Elaine – Houston Texas

 “I have no coordination and for the first time in my life I was able to follow an exercise class.  Thank you for bringing exercise back to the basics and in such a fun setting.  Nightclubs conjure up an image of excitement and energetic fun, to workout in this environment made me forget I was exercising.  My soaked clothes after class reminded me I was!!  I’m coming every week and I’m bringing all my friends!”   Amy – Houston Texas

“I used to dance around the house to get exercise, now I have a “place” to go and get down and get my sweat on.  I love Nightclub Cardio and I love the supportive community of people that attend the class and encourage me to drop my inhibitions of being overweight and just sweat, smile and have fun.”  Chantelle – Pearland Texas

“I am married and my husband does not like to dance – as a result I don’t go out to nightclubs.  Nightclub Cardio has revitalized my spirit, giving me the ability to go to a night club to let loose and just dance as a form of exercise during “safe hours” (6:30-7:30pm).  I LOOOOOVE Nightclub Cardio!”  Sarah – Houston Texas

“I feel like I’m working out in a club when I take a Nightclub Cardio class.  The moves are so fun I forget I’m exercising and I don’t wake up with a hangover!”  Robert – Houston Texas