What is Nightclub Cardio®?

Nightclub Cardio® brings the FUN back into FITNESS!

Everybody wants an experience and everybody wants to be entertained – why should a workout be any different?  This is our motto.

Nightclub Cardio®   is a CARDIO DANCE PARTY that fuses EXERCISE with DANCE MOVES in a NIGHTCLUB SETTING.  It is a series of easy to follow “moves” set to the hottest hits across multiple genres including:  hip-hop, free-style, disco, latin, break-dancing, belly-dancing, bollywood, swing dance and many more.

The focus is on a total body workout that is fun, effective and easy to follow.

The typical attendees fit one of the characteristics below:
·         People who dread the treadmill
·         People who are are looking for a new way to workout
·         People intimidated by the gym
·         People who feel they are uncoordinated and have a difficult time following dance fitness classes
·         People lacking variety and stimulation in their workout
·         People feeling social discomfort or embarrassed in a “fit” gym setting
·         People who are bored doing the same routine week after week
·         People looking for a fun activity to do with a sister, mom or friends

Where Can I Purchase Classes Online?
You can purchase classes online here.

What do I need bring to class?
 A towel, a smile, a willingness to work out and a positive attitude.  Water is free.

What do I need to wear to class?
If you can sweat in it you can wear it!   As for any kind of exercise, dress comfortably and wear shoes that are designed for fitness. 

How long are the classes?
Classes are 1 hour long

How old do I need to be to attend?
The classes are 13 and up (kids MUST be able to participate)

What kind of music is played at the classes?
Disco, 80’s, 90’s, dance, old school and hip-hop and we love requests!

Can I request a private Nightclub Cardio® class for a team or group of friends?
Yes!  We would be happy to accommodate a group – friends getting together, team bonding etc. If you have a group of 40 or more we will create a custom experience.